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Having a website all about oneself is the ultimate conceit, isn't it? But like everyone with a website, I have an excuse. A very sorry excuse.

Writing is the only thing of note that I do. Actually, whether or not it's of note is a matter for debate. But I get enough encouraging reviews and sales of books to keep at it. There are some reviews and links on this site.

Have a look around. Read about the stuff that's currently happening such as the Aona series (all five volumes now complete and published).

The Aona books are available to buy on both Kindle and paperback. Click the images below to find and buy the books on Amazon.

Oblivion's Forge  Secret Roads  The Endless Shore  The Spiral Heart

Summer's Dark Waters

Also published is the novel Summer's Dark Waters which is aimed at children/young adults. All the royalties from sales of that title go towards TACT (, an adoption and fostering charity. My original press release about the donations is here (although Summer's Dark Water is the only children's / teens' book I've written (yet- there are more planned).

Click the book cover to find and buy the book on Amazon.

If you've read any of my work and like it, or if you're just interested and want to ask something, why not get in touch.

The best place to quickly find out more about all my works and read some reviews is my Goodreads profile.

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The Inner World
Mar 12, 2017

As progress continues on my new standalone novel (which, in stark contrast to the Aona series, features a cast of just three main characters) I've found that the situation in the wider world and humanity's endless, determined race to the bottom have meant I've concentrated more than ever on my inner world.

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New freebie coming soon, from the forthcoming short story compilation. Watch this space! Not all the time though, as that would be boring.