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Collaborations and Back Burner Intrigue

I'm not known for making snap decisions (or for making decisions at all, really) but the other day I had an idea for a story / short novel for younger children (around 7 to 9) which I was really pleased about, so quickly made the decision to write it.

The Spiral Heart

The Spiral Heart, fourth Aona book has taken a while to write, partly because I was also writing Summer's Dark Waters around the same time, but also because it's the biggest yet in the Aona series.

Confirmation of a rumour

A few rumours have been circulating about this already (and it's partly my fault because I may have mentioned the likelihood of this project happening to a number of people- don’t ever swear me to secrecy with anything important) so I thought it was about time to make an official statement.

Intro to Summer's Dark Waters

The afternoon wore on, tedious in the way that only summer afternoons spent inside can be. The hands of the clock on the wall appeared (to the eyes of the hot and tired students who kept staring at it) to be moving far too slowly, as if like them it was starting to wilt a little in the summer heat.


It’s fair to say that sales of Summer’s Dark Waters have so far exceeded expectations to the extent that I find it difficult to remember exactly what my expectations were (so how do I know they’ve been exceeded? but moving on...)

The Writing Process Blog Tour

My blog entry for the Writing Process Blog Tour...

No Redemption: Not a Gleam of Hope

Over the last week or so, I've been involving myself quite deeply in the affairs of some characters from the Aona books who, while clearly villainous, seem to have developed a certain wit and swagger about them which work almost as redeeming characteristics...

Staying on the path

As someone who has yet to taste success in any meaningful endeavour, and who imagines hearing the whisper "You may never do" on a daily basis, self-belief is the glue of life itself...

Apparently I'm one of the brothers Grim

I had a brief conversation a while back (that's not unusual in itself- most of my conversations are brief) with someone who had read my first two books and said that although he really liked them added, "Do you not feel that they’re a little much for some people?"

Evil in the name of the greater good?

There's much to be said, I suppose, for old-fashioned monochrome villains. They make good caricatures and easy props for satirists.

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    New freebie coming soon, from the forthcoming short story compilation. Watch this space! Not all the time though, as that would be boring.