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June 2015

I've started writing the sequel to Summer's Dark Waters. It's set a year and a half later, and things are different in all sorts of ways (although I don’t want to give any spoilers). I'm a bit surprised that I'm writing it, but then again I was actually surprised I even finished Summer's Dark Waters- it was the first children’s book I'd written and it was quite a departure for me, but the positive response has made me continue with this line of work.

The other main focus at the moment is the fifth and final Aona book, Salvation’s Door. I've figured out the last few chapters already, now it's just a matter of finding my way there.

I also have some notes written for a new fantasy series. This will be quite different to the Aona books (in fact it may turn out not to be fantasy at all- I have a distinct vision of the setting for it, and it doesn’t really fit into any recognised genre).

Finally, Phase I: Disintegration, my collection of short stories should be out shortly.

December 4th 2014

In between editing the fourth Aona book "The Spiral Heart" (which is turning into a bit of a monster- a good monster that is), I've taken a little time to work on my short story anthology, specifically working into shape the stories I've picked for the compilation.

It hasn't been easy as many are quite different to one another- most don't sit easily in any genre- but so far I've completed "Remembrance" and "Forgotten Sounds" and tonight I've been working on "The Gentle Decay of the Past" which is quite unlike the first two- in fact it seems odder every time I read through it. But I think it works. I'm not sure why or how it works, and I don't know how many readers will "get" it. But I wouldn't want to make it easy on you, now would I? ;)

August 22nd 2014

Summer's Dark Waters has been released. Who knows where it might wander to. As mentioned before, all royalties from sales are going to T.A.C.T - children's adoption and fostering charity. And Ankolie and I are giving away some extra goodies to everyone who buys a copy- a couple of print quality illustrations of characters from the book. Here's one below:

Free illustration to go with Summer's Dark Waters

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July 31st 2014

Launch date for Summer's Dark Waters has been set for August 19th! Look at me, using exclamation marks. Front and back cover previews below. All royalties from sales are going to T.A.C.T - children's adoption and fostering charity.

Cover and internal illustrations all by Ankolie

July 23rd 2014

Summer's Dark Waters is ready and being put together. Especially excited about the illustrations! Very likely to be out in mid-August. Yes, mid-August 2014. ;)

June 26th 2014

Launch date coming soon for Summer's Dark Waters. It will be out sometime in the summer of 2014.

December 9th 2013

The first draft of Aona IV: The Spiral Heart has reached 50,000 words. A notable achievement even if I do say so myself. Early days but it looks as if this will be the biggest in the series so far.

November 5th 2013

New blog article... The Rarity of Perspective

November 4th 2013

The slightly re-vamped website has been launched. More of a prod than a launch, but at least I've expanded it a bit and it should serve for the foreseeable future. In other news, the first draft of Summer's Dark Waters is complete, and Aona IV:The Spiral Heart stands at around 34,000 words.

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The Inner World
Mar 12, 2017

As progress continues on my new standalone novel (which, in stark contrast to the Aona series, features a cast of just three main characters) I've found that the situation in the wider world and humanity's endless, determined race to the bottom have meant I've concentrated more than ever on my inner world.

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New freebie coming soon, from the forthcoming short story compilation. Watch this space! Not all the time though, as that would be boring.