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Purpose and Doubts

I don't normally do "doubts" when it comes to my writing- because I can’t afford to...

It's always been my refuge because being an author is the only thing I've ever felt I could do to any acceptable level. I don’t have talents or even acceptable skills in other areas (even working as part of a team is something I struggle with). And the doubts that I now have from time to time aren't really about my books themselves, they’re more about whether or not they (or indeed any books, any created universes) have a place in the crumbling remains of what we still call "society".

The arts are of immense importance for one simple reason- because life is for living, and no matter what opportunistic capitalists may tell you, a covetous life spent acquiring material goods is an empty life- but one spent in exploration and admiration of the literary, musical, theatrical, artistic and creative- that’s one that might just be worth living if it isn't spent alone.

So of course books- and so many other forms of creative endeavour- deserve a place (pride of place, I would say) in society, no matter how low it continues to sink.

But more and more, as it becomes increasingly evident that people are in general more impatient, angry, frustrated, cynical, duplicitous and generally unpleasant than ever before, do such things have a place- given that fewer and fewer people appreciate them in an age where unless something can be provided instantly then it "isn’t good enough"?

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