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Reviews (well, nice ones) are, quite simply, one of the major reasons why I keep walking this unforgiving road.

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Oblivion's Forge - Book I of the Aona Series

“For lovers of Dark Fantasy this book is a rare and delightful find. On a grand scale, Aona is a world caught in a war between two evil factions. Regardless of which faction wins, it is unlikely the plight of the races populating this world will improve. Mr. Williams has chosen to present this world and its strife through the eyes of several characters, each caught in the conflict, unable to escape. Through their stories, the tale unfolds with mounting and unrelenting tension.

Oblivion's Forge explores new areas of Fantasy in an edgy and engaging manner that makes this a book hard to put down. There are no shining heroes or beautiful trembling maidens. But there are a several very real characters, manipulated by powers beyond their control, striving to find ways to cope. Through his words, Mr. Williams forces the reader to contemplate how they would react in these circumstances and to wonder if they could survive.

I can't wait to dive into "Secret Roads", the sequel to this great book.”

“This is the first book of Simon's Aona series and I was so taken by the opening sample available on the on-line reader that I bought the paperback. This is an intricate and thoughtful piece of work, well-crafted and detailed. ”

“It's a rare modern fantasy series that manages to present both a rich, vivid world while also creating characters that are both relatable and likeable. Simon Williams accomplishes that and more with Oblivion's Forge. The sense of foreboding and impending drama permeates each page and keeps the reader wanting to know where the book will take us.”

“Beautiful and evocative narration, multifaceted characters and a complex storyline that demands the readers' attention... it is not your typical fantasy "good versus evil" kind of book. Dark, raw and brutal, there is no sugar coating or romanticism in Oblivion's Forge, but a harsh reality that for the fantasy genre is quite rare and refreshing.”

“This novel had me enthralled from as early as the sample pages. It's rare to find such treasures and Simon Williams' series works will be among those I follow from today forward. It was well paced action with lyrical description and a plot well crafted.”

“Lyrical at times, often gritty, the prose is propulsive... the world is evoked with style and verve. Welcome Simon Williams to your bookshelf. You won't be disappointed.”

“Simon Williams has constructed a compelling and believably fantasy world in Oblivion's Forge. This novel manages to evoke the sense of wonderment that is achieved by Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings while also managing to create something entirely new.”

Secret Roads - Book II of the Aona Series

“Really, really liked this- I enjoyed Oblivion's Forge a lot but this sequel is even better-rounded, the story is tight and focused and it has that same dark, gritty style- what does it for me is that we learn a lot more about the characters, even some who I thought would only play minor or bit parts. Without giving anything away, Secret Roads really does take the story onwards a notch or two and it's gripping stuff.”

“Complex, deep characters who you can really care about... the story continues at a pace, with surprising plot twists and storylines that go in new and fascinating directions. All of this is underpinned once again by a dark, brooding feel that makes the book really atmospheric.”

“Secret Roads continues the battle of evil against evil, following the struggles of the people caught in the middle. It creates new plot turns and twists that keep you wanting to read on. When I finally got the time to sit down and read, my eyes didn't leave the pages for hours. Simon gives the readers just enough to keep them hooked but not reveal too much until the time is right. If you liked Oblivion's Forge then you'll love Secret Roads. ”

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