September 2016

I am launching Disintegration, a collection of nine short stories on September 29th, on Kindle (and PDF for those who don't use Kindle).

For those of you familiar with the Aona books or Summer's Dark Waters, well, my short stories are nothing like either. In fact I don't really know how to describe them in terms of genre, except as narratives of existential horror which revolve mainly around death and rebirth. Some were written when I was far too young to know any better but I felt that with a bit of tinkering they were worth including.

The collection will be digital-only because it's not financially viable to have a paperback version published, and the cost for buyers would be prohibitive given the size of the book. So I'll be pricing it as cheaply as I can on Kindle (and PDF).

The stories will be:

  • Remembrance
  • Forgotten Sounds
  • Morning Assembly
  • Inward Bound
  • Death In Bloom)
  • The Gentle Decay of the Past
  • Hell Is Other People
  • Forward In Blood
  • Line Problem