The Sands of Time

April 2018

The writing process was complicated for The Light From Far Below. The fact that it's set a while after the events of Summer's Dark Waters (although not a long while, in the grand scheme of things) meant that subtle changes were needed - as we all know there can be a big mental difference between being 11 and a bit and almost 13 - so in some ways I had to look deeply into the past and wonder what *I* would do in some of the situations. How would I respond? What words might I use? (And then adjust slightly to make utterances sound more "modern" where needed)

From the start I also wanted to devise a way to bring closure to the story but also leave it open for a possible third journey into the characters' universe. When I finally finished the last word and sat back I was oddly reminded of how Alan Garner wrote "The Weirdstone of Brisingamen" and "Moon of Gomrath" many, many years ago - and then (out of the blue) a third book in the series - but for adults this time - came out just a couple of years ago. That book - "Boneland" - has become a favourite of mine, but that's for another time.

Time is central to the book but it's also something that occupied my mind a lot during the writing process. As we get older, time appears to run more quickly- there are various theories as to why that's the case but no one seems to have any cures for it. Anyway I realised that it had been almost four years since I wrote Summer's Dark Waters, and it felt like only a couple of years (if that) had passed. Time slips away.

So with "The Light From Far Below" the story is done, and it may be that I never write another book about these characters. However, the door is also slightly open for something involving the same people but in a very different environment. Difficult for me to say more on that without throwing plot spoilers around, so I won't.

But I'm pleased with what I've (eventually) done. It feels up to date but hopefully also timeless. It just feels "right". The beta readers have been suitably impressed. And somehow I've received more pre-orders for this book than any previous work. I guess that might mean something.

Not long now…